I know that header may bother some people, but we have to keep it 100.

We live in a very racially charged time and ever since Beyonce released “Formation” our fairer skinned brothers and sisters have been turning their nose up at Queen Bey. When she chose a side to stand with all hell broke loose. Most artist have decided to stay away from the Black Lives Matter movement, but shockingly Beyonce didn’t shy away from the issues. When you’re pro black I guess that ruffles feathers.


Now fast forward, Beyonce has always blurred the musical lines but now with the new target on her back that isn’t so easy. When Beyonce performed “Irreplaceable” with Sugarland years ago she was praised and worshipped for her originality and opening up doors.

Last night, Beyonce joined by the Dixie Chicks at the CMAs was not welcomed with the same praise and admiration. The performance of “Daddy Lessons” was stellar; Beyonce is as country as they come being from Houston, TX with roots in Alabama and Louisana.

We all know social media can be viscous, but when the hell did it become so racist. Everything from her body shape, dance moves, and vocal prowess was criticized by white America. Folks even said she needs to stick to her “own” music. The last time I checked African-Americans created country music in the deep south but that was snatched like everything else; let me not even go there.

To sum up this article, November 8th is just a couple days away make sure you’re on the right side of history. This election is the most racially charged race we’ve seen in decades. If Donald Trump feels it’s okay to say whatever the hell he wants out of his nasty mouth, this will give more like him the right to be bigots.

On a light note, check out Beyonce’s incredible performance at The CMAs below. Peep the audience reaction too, you can tell some artist just stood to be politically correct but they wasn’t feeling the queen’s presence on “their” stage.