Our favorite star boy debuts the visual to “I Feel It Coming,” his second collaboration with French EDM duo, Daft Punk from his Starboy LP. In this new visual, which looks like a continuation of the LP’s title song, The Weeknd gives us a stellar performance à la Michael Jackson as he dances on a desolate planet with a beautiful woman.

But the romantic moment goes left when his love turns to stone after a full lunar eclipse. Apparently bewildered, The Weeknd backs away from the effigy of his love before a strong wind sends her statue crashing to the ground. Suddenly, a black snake emerges from its remains;  The Weeknd reaches for the snake but ultimately turns to stone himself. The visual concludes with Daft Punk appearing as travelers who discovers evidence of The Weeknd’s existence beneath a sheath of snow.

Now, in case you’re wondering how we made the connection between the “Starboy” visual and the “I Feel It Coming,” visual…Well, that’s exactly why we’ve included both music videos, so you can analyze, compare and see the connection for yourself. With that said, get into the “I Feel It Coming” visual featuring Daft Punk.

Which performance did you like best—the “I Feel It Coming” visual or The Weeknd’s and Daft Punk’s live performance of the song at the 2017 Grammy’s? Voice your opinions below.