Ever heard a song that you simply couldn’t get out of your head and it just made you say, “Ooohhh! Girl That’s My Song”! Well, that’s how we feel everyday working in this nutty-yet-beautiful world they call the “music industry.”

GirlThatsMySong.com — the brain child of four industry taste makers with 15 years of professional experience under their belts wanted to bridge the gap between music and pop culture while diving in the deep waters and taking a behind the scenes approach of the music women are walking to the beat of, lip synching, crying to, two-stepping and MORE! Now, take it from experience…the music industry can definitely make you jaded, but don’t get us wrong. There are moments where you feel blessed, moments when you discover amazing artists or the masterminds behind the scenes or even a track that you just can’t get out of your damn head! And that ladies and is the reason GirlThatsMySong.com was formed!

Ian Jarrell
Known for being one of the ultimate industry hustler. From working at Power 105.1 to Vibe Magazine, his credits are endless. This die hard music lover considers himself a walking Wikipedia when it comes to everything music. Pop culture has always been a passion of his. Many consider the Philadelphia native to be journalistic savvy and ambitious. He makes the effort to stand out among the crowd and has goals to take the publishing and television world by storm. With his signature voice and attitude there is nothing is stopping this go-getter!

Monee` Perry-Chaney
Known for her innovative, aggressive approach amongst her peers and worked with for a host of celebrities and recording artist. Starting out in radio and moving upward through record labels, management companies, and digital agencies.  Monee has proven to be a well rounded industry commodity and force to be reckoned with. “Music is my passion and is truly a way a life, we walk it, talk it breathe IT! To see GirlThatsMySong.com come to life a positive to place for music, is a dream some true.”