Let me start out by saying, if you don’t have Spotify you’re missing out big time and late AF. There’s a ton of streaming services out there but nothing compares. Spotify has single handily broke artist to masses and helped labels choose singles for their roster strictly based off streams.

There are a few playlist that we can’t live without and we keep them on constant rotation.

The Newness is our go to for all that new R&B & Hip Hop. This playlist is always updated on Friday and features a great blend of new and established acts.

Rap Cavier is a gold mind for all the true Hip Hop heads. It’s perfectly curated with everything from classic Hip Hop to what’s making major waves on radio now. You can get anything from Rahkim to Young Thug.

The Are & Be playlist is brilliant from the name alone; like how genius is that! This is probably our favorite because we have discovered so many new artist on this playlist that we’d never find on a TIDAL or Apple Music.

Now ladies if you are trying to set the mood for bae or just your weekend boo, you need to get into the Love, Sex, & Water playlist. No other playlist blends smooth Hip Hop and sexy R&B like this one right here. You and bae can thank us later for putting you on.

The playlist above sparked our interest and made us want to start curating our own. There is nothing better than playlist of songs that either set the mood for a bae night or a turn up with your girls. You remember the days when you use to make mixtapes for the homies? Well just think of our playlist as a personal mixtape from us to you. is bringing you a Spotify playlist that honors some of our #MCM’s in music. This curated list of bangers features everyone from Major. & Bizzy Crook to Bryson Tiller & ZAYN. There is nothing sexier than a man with talent behind a mic. Let us know what you think. And if we missed someone, don’t be afraid to speak on it.