R&B’s newest sensation Ro James has never been an artist to hide his feelings. His music gives me life and his honesty is what makes me a fan.
The crooner recently released his new single “Holy Water,” and its been killing it on urban radio. Now why is it only being pushed to urban audiences? Ro James isn’t your typical “urban” act like a Trey Songz or Chris Brown. His music could totally cross over with the right push.

James actually let everyone know how he really feels about his current musical status.

“It’s interesting to me that if this song were by Adele, Justin Timberlake, Zayn, Taylor Swift, or Sam Smith it would be a world wide number one featured in movies, commercials, weddings, funerals, car ads, and liquor commercials. But because of the pigmentation of my skin, it’s only marketed to urban A/C unless I put mad bucks down. 

I’m not trying to cross over but I do want my reach to be beyond what I’m boxed to be . The goal is always to reach the world , music is music; shits frustrating.”

This has been a struggle for a lot of artist of color. It just seems like the industry only lets a select few artist have a seat at the popular table. We are rooting for Ro James because this man has been grinding for years and I’ve watched his growth. This isn’t no overnight sensation situation! Supporting an artist is not just liking their photo on Instagram or streaming one sone on Spotify; buy their albums and attend their shows! Its all a numbers game people.

Get into “Holy Water” below.