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After being dropped from Epic Records, the ladies of June’s Diary are still hard at work promoting their group. After being hand-picked by Kelly Rowland and Frank Gatson on BET’s Chasing Destiny, fans of the show have been waiting for new music and visuals from the ladies.

We fell in love with Ashly, Brienna Gabby, Kristal and Shyann after interviewing them couple months back. They have great energy with beautiful voices to match. We are rooting for them but they probably need to get a new team behind them. #noshade

To keep people interested, June’s Diary decided to pay homage to Jodeci by covering their 1991 hit “Stay” from their debut album, Forever My Lady. We have to give them an A for effort but something just seems off with the production on the track. The Derek Blanks-directed video is cute and they all do look amazing. I just think they should have covered something by Destiny’s Child or En Vogue so modern day music listeners could connect with.

Check out the visual below.