Hosting is not something for the faint of heart, but Sibley Scoles aka Sib Vicious makes it look so damn easy. The Revolt TV host is making a lot of waves right now with her edgy look, confidence, and hustle. You have to have those things if you expect to work under Diddy himself.

Sibley Scoles didn’t just luck up and gain everyone’s dream job; this inspiring lady has been grinding for her spot. She’s dynamic, driven, and sassy everything that makes the perfect role model. So that’s why Scoles was chosen as our latest IT Girl. We chatted with the talented REVOLT Live host about everything from the advice she would give to her younger self , her relationship with Diddy, journey with Revolt TV, and more.

Check out the exclusive interview with Sibley Scoles below:


GTMS:  How did you get started with Revolt?

In 2011, I was living overseas, doing music, and touring with Taio Cruz. I’m a MC first, so I was out there doing music and everything. I came back and a casting director hit me up to do some stuff with the network but they contacted me to come in as an extra.  They wanted different looking people; and I had the Mohawk going on. Then I met Puff’s partner, Andy Schuon, who asked me if I wanted to act as a host and a performer. So for two tears, I was shooting stuff with Revolt TV before it was even set to air.  Then finally last year I got a call asking if I wanted to be one of the resident hosts, and officially, at the end of the year they asked if I wanted to be one of the main hosts for the live show.

GTMS:  Is hosting something you always secretly wanted to do, or was it just something you fell into?

I went to school for Broadcast Journalism; so I was always writing.  I use to host a lot of sporting events during my sophomore year but I always pursued my music first.  Then this happened; and I really couldn’t pass it up. I stayed around for two years just grinding. I would never let them give me a reason to leave. And after two long years it all paid off.

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GTMS: I know you’ve had interactions with Diddy; what is the best advice he gave you thus far?

In the beginning, when we were at the early stages of shooting. He pulled me to the side and started talking to me about my style.  He said “I don’t want you to be conservative, I want you to be you, we picked you for a reason. So go out there and be you.”  That’s one of the biggest things I’ve took from him.  We had another conversation once we started shooting major stuff. I didn’t even know Puff actually watched the show. He called me personally and gave me a few pointers but kept reassuring me to keep doing me.

GTMS: What is the most annoying thing you’ve heard people say about you in the industry?

When people say and think this gig just fell into my lap and assume things. People don’t realize how hard I worked for this position. That was two strong year of hustling and paying my dues.


GTMS: At 21, where did you see yourself today? 

I always had in my mind where I wanted to be at certain times in life.  It’s hard doing that when I am trying to bartend and make money.  You know everyone has to make money to make a living so that was always discouraging.  But at 21, I just saw myself always doing me and having a good time.  If I was bartending I was going to make as many connects and meet as many people as possible.   That was always a thing for me. But I never really thought I’d be here at Revolt.  I always thought I would have a record deal.

GTMS: What advice would you tell the 18 year old Sibley? 

I would tell her to say in college and finish. I always wanted that degree under my belt, at least an associates degree. I Know it’s never too late to go back though.  But at least get your AA and stay in college and finish.  I didn’t do that.

GTMS:  What would you say is the best part about your job and what makes you cringe about it? 

Ugh… that’s hard. I would say the audience and being able to really connect with people. They feel like they know you and look up to what you do.  That’s my favorite part.  What makes me cringe is when people don’t know the back story, like how many years I put into this. I just saw a blog post where someone is saying I am dating Diddy, that makes me cringe.  It’s like if ya’ll only knew!  I didn’t meet Puff until like last year.


GTMS:  Where does Sibley see herself in the next 2 years?

Two years, I definitely want to get back to my roots and have my music out.  I just started working with PR and I definitely want to have my face out there more and be known for the career and brand that I am trying to build.  Revolt is growing every single day, and they are giving us more stuff to do and expanding on different networks. But you will for sure be hearing some music from me soon.

Interview Conducted By Ian Jarrell