Fantasia is a vocal beast, but has she truly grown as an artist? The answer is a simple..yes!

The Definition Of is Fantasia’s latest project via RCA Records. The album is arguably her most artistic project to date. The LP is unique, bold, and contemporary while still remaining true to her throwback vocal style. At first listen, it’s easy to throw this album to the side but this might just be one of her best albums.

Ugly” is a must-listen, that reflects on Fantasia’s journey from American Idol to the diva she is today. If you don’t get choked up listening to this record you might need to check your pulse. This woman has come so far since winning that show; you can just see her glow and strength in her walk and talk.

Tina Turner‘s spirit came through all over “Lonely Legend,” you can even imagine Ike Turner in the background making sure she is singing it right. This is an album favorite because she totally went left field and really let the lyrics shine. Fanny is known for doing a lot on tracks, but she took a tamer approach with this song and showcased her tone a lot more.

Being the romantic I am, my two favorite records are “When I Met You” and “Wait For You.” You can tell Fantasia is truly in love; you have to be to sing records like this with the passion she possessed. I’m seriously considering playing When I Met You at my wedding; when ever that magically happens #chuckles.

Overall, the album is about artistic growth and showing a new side of Fantasia. Her second LP is probably my hands down favorite because the songs were just stellar and spoke to my spirit but The Definition Of could possibly be a contender for the top spot.

Get into my favorite below.