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There is nothing like a fresh new artist! it’s just so inspiring to see new talent trying to make it in such a over saturated music industry. GirlThatsMySong.com wants to start shining the light on these artist more; but talent and vocal prowess is a must. Just because you can hold note doesn’t make you an artist. The total package is someone with swag, originality, vocal, and most of all personality.

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I was randomly watching Black Hollywood Live and was blown away by their musical guest. The young ladies known as The Womack Sisters are a Los Angeles based trio given us a 60’s throwback vibe.  The ladies have an extensive musical lineage that rivals Whitney Houston. Daughters of the renown songwriters, producers and multi platinum recording artists Cecil and Linda Womack (of Womack & Womack); Nieces of singer, songwriter and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Bobby Womack and Granddaughters of the legendary Grammy Lifetime Achievement award winner Sam Cooke. Now if that ain’t a serious family tree I don’t know what is.

The Womack Sisters are a cross between The Supremes with Amy Winehouse inspired vocals and image. They all have distinct voices and range which I fell in love with. Their debut single “Darling” showcases exactly what the girls are bringing to the music world. I could totally see them working with the likes of Solange or Bruno Mars.

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Anyone that appreciates the days when music made you feel good and wasn’t overly sexed will live for The Womack Sisters. I believe these ladies have a bright future and I’m going to keep my eye on them.