R Kelly is by far one of the most talented R&B artists to bless the mainstream musical forefront. It’s like every record he writes turns into sonic gold, even his worse records are dope. Some of today’s singer-songwriters can’t compete with him on their best day if they tried.

Over the span of his 28-year career, Kelly’s produced a catalog rich with classic Billboard hits like “Bump N Grind,” “Honey Love,” “It Seems Like You’re Ready,” “Down Low,” “You Remind Me of Something,” “I Believe I Can Fly,” “I Wish,” “Sex Me” and more.

Though almost everything he’s written is a masterpiece, you know nobody, and I mean nobody—not even artists who were in the same category as Kelly in his prime could create a bedroom classic fit for the streets like he could. Creating baby making music with a hood edge to it is the man’s forte, and nobody is messing with Kellz when it comes to that.

Sorry, no disrespect, but it is what it is. So when I heard Mr. bump and grind himself had remixed his classic 1993 hit “Your Body’s Calling” I couldn’t wait to take a listen to it. Though I just learned about the remix today, it’s actually been around for five years. According to his management team, Kelly had collaborated with his longtime production crew T-Town Productions to remix some of his favorite songs back in 2012 and the single from Kelly’s solo debut multiplatinum-selling 12-Play LP is among the set.

Lucky for us, the single labeled the “2015 remix” was leaked online over the weekend ’cause it is definitely worth listening to. The new revamp features updated production and some new verses from Kelly who maintains the salacious tone of the original. But don’t take my word for it, get into the Your Body’s Calling remix below.