Blessed with the opportunity to be the first African American Cinderella in Rogers & Hammerstein‘s Cinderella on Broadway, Keke Palmer is now pouring her emotions out on her newest track “Mirror Mirror.”  This girl is sanging her heart out on this song.

It is about every girl’s FairyTale, true love.  She wonders if he boo who she cares so much about really cares about her and just like Cinderella, the songstress confides in the magical mirror, pleading for it to give her the answer to the countless questions that run through her head.

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Sitting, waiting, he’s late again

Just drop, just be, reflecting

Why am I crying? Does he even care?

That I’m in pieces when he’s gone

(When he’s gone)

I’m in pieces, cause I’m alone

See? Little know how it feels when you

Think somebody’s got you, baby, yeah baby

So I’m crying

MIRROR, MIRROR on the wall

Who’s the fairest in his heart?

Does he love me like he says he does?

Please don’t lie, please don’t lie

Please don’t lie, MIRROR on the wall

Mostly every girl has wondered if they guy they are so infatuated with, even cares about then.  Keke’s new song is definitely relatable and fits her new role as Cinderella perfectly.  Listen to the enchanting ballad below.

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