#GirlThatsMySong: Let Us Remind You Why A Jodeci Biopic Is Necessary!


It’s no secret that great biopics about the most raved about musical artists of our time are popular. Who doesn’t love a well-scripted, well-casted, pain story about the most influential musicians in show business? Let’s face it, drama sells, especially when it’s coming from the very stars we have adored growing up.

Last month, the three-part New Edition story aired on B.E.T, and ultimately drew in a total of 28.4 million viewers.  The epic biopic and first scripted mini series to air on B.E.T, portrayed the lives of the originators of the coveted “boy band” movement as well as their transition from boys to men. The moving depiction of the group’s many battles and victories with drug addiction, conflicting egos, rising above exploitation, and achieving mainstream success sent social media into a frenzy.

With so much buzz over the biggest group of the new jack swing music era, chatter about a Jodeci biopic has become more frequent. And, after Jodeci’s Mr. Dalvin confirmed that a biopic is actually in the works on San Francisco’s Q102.1 radio, it’s safe to say that we can anticipate a biopic about the rise of Jodeci via VH1 at the end of 2017. Last week, we posted the following pic on our Girl That’s My Song Facebook page with the question: “What do y’all think about a Jodeci biopic? Should the Bad Boys of R&B story be told?”



The post was met with a few interesting comments. One user suggested that a New Edition biopic was relevant given the longevity of their career, and that Donald “Devante Swing” DeGrate is the only member from Jodeci who’s worthy of such shine. Granted, Devante is the driving force behind the group.

After all, he did write and produce the majority of the group’s music and has helped to launch the careers of Missy Elliot, Timbaland, Stevie J, Playa (Static Major), Keyshia Cole, and Flo-Rida. However, despite Devante’s drive as a musician, business man, and mentor—Jodeci wouldn’t have sold more than 20 million albums over the span of their career without the talents of all four members combined. 

Aside from revolutionizing R&B with a hood-flavored discography responsible for the conception of some of today’s 20 something-year-old millennials, the group’s seen a lot of struggles. Though we’ve seen some of those struggles play out on reality television and in media reports, there’s still plenty left untold from the group’s perspective. From battling alcoholism, and staying abreast in this industrial jungle called show business to putting out their fourth studio album in 2014 after a 20 year hiatus, it’s safe to say the Jodeci story is one that music biopic buffs are anticipating. So, as we await more details about the life and times of Jodeci we’ll make sure to flood your browser and timelines alike by paying homage to the band that gave rise to urban-esque R&B suited for the streets, also known as the “Jodeci style.”

Forever My Lady

Come And Talk To Me

Freek ‘N’ You

Love You For Life (Live)

Stay (Live)

Every Moment

All My Life (KCi & JoJo)

Tell Me It’s Real (KCi & JoJo)