The entertainment industry is full of dynamic, intelligent, and inspiring women.

GirlThatsMySong.com wants to celebrate those women because they’re truly IT Girls. In a sea of Instagram models and fake boutique owners, we need some new women to aspire to be more like. Love & Hip Hop Hollywood hit the jackpot when they added Donatella to the cast. This quick witted bombshell took us by surprised with her humor and beauty. But we knew it was more behind the cute face and thick accent.

Donatella obviously is from the UK, but we didn’t know that she was such a major hitter across the pond. She has managed numerous artist and has even hosted a few shows. This woman has even smoked with Snoop Dogg during an interview, like how iconic is that! Donatella is definition of a fearless boss.

We don’t want to give too much away. So, take the time and get to know Donatella below.