Being a new musician with real talent in an era where having swag and hot beats still reigns is amazing. However, being a new musician with real talent and teaming up on a track with underground hip-hop vet, Skyzoo The Writer is dope.

Say hello to Philadelphia-cum-Brooklyn transplant Greg Matthews, known professionally as Yellow Shoots. You may have glimpsed this savvy instrumentalist and vocalist playing backup on his acoustic guitar at Jay Z’s Budweiser Made In America Festival or, you’ve probably heard his impressive catalogue on Soundcloud.

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But just in case you haven’t, we’re more than happy to introduce him to you for the first time, and you’re welcome. Following the release of  “Stormy Weather,” the ode-to-post-break-ups title song of his upcoming second EP, Yellow Shoots’ shifts from gloomy to optimistic on “Heaven” alongside Skyzoo who complements the track with his authentic flow.

In an email, Yellow Shoots explained the concept behind the song. “The track is essentially about the squabbling of humanity,” he said.  “How our world seems to lack of empathy.”

“I wrote it during tough times where the media constantly divided our country into two buckets of hate,” the musician added. “The track speaks to how we’re all hoping to rise to the same place, yet we’ll fight one another to get there.” As for where the song fits in on the EP Yellow Shoots said: “I wrote this track around the same time I wrote “Raven” and “Mess,” he said,  referencing two other tracks featured on the EP.

“This one is on the lighter side of that sound.” The Stormy Weather EP drops this March. In the mean time, go right ahead and get into the “Heaven” track below, also available on Spotify.

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