#GIRLTHATSMYSONG 5 Reasons Why Women Hate Beyoncé

Drum roll please, and the award for the female recording artist women love to hate goes to…..Beyoncé!

Truth moment: Beyoncé is still on top of her game whether you love it or not. Oh, just admit it; she’s the Queen of her era. After 14 years as a solo artist, 17.2 million sold, all multi-platinum and diamond, zero gold, her artistry is still on point. Okay so Lemonade wasn’t her best album and yes Adele did deserve that award. But still, she’s broken more records than any female entertainer of her time and no one is going to win every little award all of the time.  Sure, you could say her music is shallow, she can’t sing, and she’s a bad role model for young girls.  Go right ahead and criticize her lifestyle, acting skills, business ventures, and stage presence. But, before you do, please review her live performances and her performance in Dreamgirls.

Also, keep in mind she’s a smart businesswoman as well as a creative musical artist. And really what upstanding parents would look for an entertainer to set a primary example for the very children they conceived themselves? Some of you may have valid reasons why you don’t like her but let’s not ignore the fact that female on female hate is very common. Actually, it occurs more when another woman thinks another woman is more attractive or more successful than she is one way or another. In Beyoncé’s case, the hate towards her is serious. I’ve actually ran into females who hate on Beyoncé like they know her. Yep, they really do exist. Don’t act like you don’t know they don’t. Peep our five reasons why chicks hate on Bey.

5. She Is Confident!

The way society is set up, women are taught to shrink and conform OR reject their femininity in order to compete with their male counterparts.  But Beyoncé is comfortable just being herself and has no problem allowing her feminine energy to radiate. Plus you’ve never heard Beyoncé reciting the all too familiar “I don’t get along with b*****es” cliché. Moreover, she encourages women to stand up for themselves and stick together. This chick exudes self-assurance stemming from her own abilities and qualities flawlessly and it shows.

4. She’s Gorgeous!

The baddest chick to wear Jay Z’s chain isn’t just flawless in her confidence and grace; she’s bey-utiful too. And we’re not the only ones who thinks so. In a new poll taken by Buzznet in March, the 35-year-old pregnant mother came second to none when people voted her in as the #1 most beautiful woman in the world. Even runner-up, Priyanka Chopra from Baywatch the movie had to the agree with the ranking. “Thank you @BUZZNET and all who voted,” Chopra wrote via Twitter “@Beyonce is my number 1 too!!” People magazine also named Bey the most beautiful woman in the world in 2012.

3. She’s Still Young and Paidddd!

Last month, Forbes listed Beyoncé as one of America’s Richest Self-Made Women for the third time in a row. Revenue from her chart-topping album, Lemonade, the Formation Tour, and her stake in Tidal brought her to #46 on the list—that’s a ten slot climb from #56 last year. Adding to that, this year Bey, is among the three youngest richest self-made ladies in the U.S coming in after Taylor Swift and trumping Jamie Kern Lima. If that’s not impressive then we don’t know what is. This not only puts Bey ahead of many women who call themselves her competition but it also begets envy. Hmm, figures…

2. She Embraces Her Curves No Matter What.

Beyonce Twitter

Women are often taught to be extra picky about their figures even in an era where taglines like “love the skin you’re in” and “real women have curves” can be found throughout the blogosphere we still live in a world where thinner is better. Social media users are faker than Blac Chyna’s butt. One minute they’re complimenting, the next they’re condemning. Just look at the hell they’ve given Rihanna over her rapid weight gain already. But we’ll save that for another post. Anyway, Beyoncé has always rejected society’s silly standards of having the perfect figure by embracing every bit of her womanly curves, especially while preggers. And if fat-shaming internet trolls dare to throw hate her way Bey just dusts it off and kills ’em with her confidence by posting more amazing pics.  Child please, nobody has time for petty insecure females and their silly antics. Plus the Bey Hive is always ready to clap back in case of anything.

1. She’s A Boss!

Bey’s been grinding since she was a little girl and like most successful entrepreneurs her success story didn’t happen overnight. Key to her accomplishments? Simple. She sees what she wants and works hard until she gets what she wants. Pointers from her inner circle have encouraged her to takes risks, speak her mind, work hard, work smart, and to never compromise her career for anyone. She doesn’t settle for less and days of her working based on someone else’s expectations are long gone because she puts enough pressure on herself. She’s completely involved in all of her projects because she’s fortunate to do that now. She doesn’t assume the role of a bossy woman by being pushy and domineering, ’cause she’s the head woman in charge.

So those are our five reasons why women hate Beyoncé. Were we on point?