Now I must say, after that New Edition biopic I’ve been a little obsessed with Luke James. That voice is truly everything I need and more. It really bothers me that I paid him dust for all these years; now I’m a stan so it’s all good.

Well Luke James decided to link up with Sevyn Streeter for a little cover of an iconic R&B duet. “Nothing Else Matter,” made famous by Lauryn Hill and D’Angelo, is nothing but vocal magic from these two underrated artist. I would have never thought Streeter’s voice would blend with anyone other than Chris Brown, but man was I wrong. Their chemistry on this record is so dope and I need more of this from them.

Sevyn Streeter is gearing up to release her debut album, Girl Disrupted, later this year on Atlantic Records. It’s still wild to believe that she is just now releasing her debut album. I hope it’s successful because she hasn’t had any hit singles in awhile now. I’m still bumping her “Call Me Crazy, But…” EP on the regular. We are rooting for you Sevyn, we are all rooting for you.

Now Luke James, please release an EP or something so you can keep riding this New Edition wave going.

Get into “Nothing Even Matter” below.