In an age where every artist wants to cross over and be pop, some artist stick to their roots and let the music transcend genres. Soul crooner Major. is one of those artist!

After making waves with his hit single, “This Is Why I Love You,” last year; he is back with even more truth and raw emotion. “Honest” is the first single off the upcoming new project, and we are already obsessed. No on can tell us this man doesn’t have range and depth. The lyrics to this record just hit you in the chest.

We’ve loved Major. since his days of singing at One Church LA. Everytime he hit the stage I knew he was more than some choir leader. His voice was something radio needed to be blessed with. Shout out to my cousin Kevalena Everett for dragging me to church that faithful Sunday. My ears were never the same again; in a good way!

GirlThatsMySong.com had to introduce you all to Major. the right way. Get into our exclusive interview below where he discusses everything from his new single, working with producer Harmony Samuels, gospels roots, and much more.