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So Trey Songz is far from new to the music game. He has lasted through the many changes of R&B and he is still here. We’ve seen R&B crooner Trey to Hip Hop infused Trigga; it’s sometimes hard to keep up with what persona we’ll get from him these days. But is Trey Songz still relevant in today’s R&B world?

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We have to admit Drake changed the direction of R&B. I know that’s a pretty random thought but the man made R&B more emo than soulful. After Drake we got artist like Bryson Tiller, Jhene Aiko, Kehlani and Frank Ocean; basically the leaders of new school R&B. Ever since their takeover artist like Chris Brown, Miguel, and Songz have struggled a little to hold on to fans and snag new ones. Veterans like Usher can’t even get a Gold-certified album; we saw that coming when he tried to go EDM on us. #NoShade

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I’ve been a fan for Trey Songz since his debut album, I Gotta Make It, in 2005. He had the street swag R&B was missing from the days of Case and Donnell Jones. He wasn’t giving us the vocals for days but we all fell in love with his stories, melodies, and overall sex appeal.

Mr.Songz has released 5 different albums since his debut with a ton of mixtapes in between. Now he is gearing up to release his seventh studio album Tremaine.  He is also in the process of releasing a Flavor Of Love-esque show where 17 fame thirsty females will compete for his love and attention. This is obviously an attempt to push album sales and stay relevant but Trey this is not the way. We need you to embrace the R&B newcomers and get you a hit record. I would totally be here for a Songz and Tiller collaboration. I’m also down for him giving up music and throwing himself into some acting classes.


Watch Trey Songz’s reality series, Tremaine the Playboy, and music video “Nobody But You” below.

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