So last night still has me gagging!

Performance wise this was the best Grammy Award ceremony in awhile. Everything from the Beyonce baby shower inspired performance to Chance The Rapper bringing Gospel music back to the Grammy stage was amazing. Bruno Mars also made me a fan after his performance of “That’s What I Like” and that Prince tribute honey was everything!

Now anyone who knows me, understands that I’m a card holding #BeyHive member. I plays no games when it comes to her respect. In the words of Adele, “What the f— does she have to do to win album of the year?” I can be honest and say, “Formation” wasn’t a Grammy worthy song at all but Lemonade deserved “Album Of The Year.” Where was Kanye West when you needed him?

The Lemonade project became a movement for women empowerment and also changed Beyonce‘s image for the better. The entire era showed her fans and the public that she is really WOKE. People criticize with statements like “Lemonade wasn’t her best work” and “Adele’s album out sold everyone;” but how many songs do you guys actually know from 25 besides “Hello.” Yeah I said it, and ain’t nothing changing over here. Beyonce gave you a body of work with a personal story, amazing imagery, and stellar vocals.

At this point, I really don’t know people want from this woman. She just performed pregnant with twins and stayed on key unlike Miss.Adele who is always flat live and can’t get through a proper tribute. Last night was election night all over again; Beyonce won the popular vote and the electoral vote went to Adele.


The only thing that sooth my anger was Adele’s acceptance speech. Her and Beyonce has a real moment that touched everyone in the room. She even pulled a “Mean Girls” moment by breaking the Grammy trophy to share it with Beyonce; that made me feel all warm inside. I’ll let Adele have her moment but don’t make us pull a boycott; they don’t want it with the #BeyHive.