When this woman came across our TV screens on Empire last year we all gagged. From her unique modelesque look and her powerful voice we immediately fell in love. V. Bozeman is a Los Angeles native that has been grinding for years to make it in this music business. The vocal beast has worked with everyone from Tyrese to Timbaland; so you know she plays no games in the booth. We recently witnessed her greatness live at the BET Music Showcase in Hollywood, even industry veteran Brandy gave her much praise during the show.

V. Bozeman stole our hearts with her power ballad “What Is Love” on the pilot episode of FOX’s hit drama, now she wants to snatch our wigs off with her own music with her upcoming EP. Our guy Ian Jarrell of chatted with the beauty about her upcoming project “Howard High“, the career advice Prince gave her, and the Hollywood politics surrounding Empire.

Get into the full interview below.

GitlThatsMySong: You know I’ve been following your career ever since you blew up with Empire on FOX. We know you’ve been grinding for years but Empire took you to new heights. So tell us about what that experience has been like..

V. Bozeman: Empire has been amazing; it’s one of the best platforms for new artist. It really has catapulted my career and really had a major impact. I love everything from the cast to the energy; Lee Daniels and Danny Strong have been amazing and shown me a lot things in regards to acting.


GTMS: Tell us about your character Veronika on Empire..

Bozeman: She is very similar to who I am; you know she is going to give it her all every time she steps on the scene. I feel like every time Veronica comes on the scene at Empire there is going to be something dramatic explosion.

GTMS: Were you a little nervous about coming to Empire?

Bozeman: Well I’ve always been an actress, but I’ve been so focused on music that I put my acting to the back-burner. But when Empire did come my way, I just had to go with it. I knew the show would be a cultural phenomenon when I read the script.

GTMS: Do you ever wish that your role could be bigger on Empire? Every time we see you it’s always a vocal moment! You know when we saw you on the first season in the booth with Terrance Howard we expected your character to be much larger.

Bozeman: I mean I would like for my role to expand. It’s a lot of Hollywood politics people don’t know about. More or less I’m thankful to be apart it and it’s all good. If I don’t have a speaking role or anything on Empire it would be fine. Everything I do is very strategic and for a reason; so it’s cool. If they give me a bigger role or not I ain’t trippin’ And you can quote me on that!


GTMS: So you’ve had two big ballads on Empire so far. From “What Is Love” to “Hourglass;” which I’m obsessed with the latter and that last episode of Empire was incredible! I actually just found out that Terrance Howard wrote the song. I knew he was an artist but I didn’t know his pen game was at that level.

Bozeman: Terrance Howard is a music genius! He is so smart; actually probably one of the smartest people I know. He is so talented with that pen; He wrote the song “Hourglass” like 5 years ago. When I listened to it I was immediately connected and didn’t think it would end up on Empire, I just thought I’d put it on my album. I’ve done a lot of scenes on the show that I don’t know why they didn’t make the cut. “Hourglass” really paved the way for me to come back on Empire.

GTMS: They always give you the best moments though, because “What Is Love” almost defined the show’s first season. Was it actually the first record you recorded for the show?

Bozeman: It was! I was working on my album with Timbaland and he was really excited about the record and wanted to show it to Lee Daniels. And after hearing it he reached out to my peoples wanting me to be apart of Empire. It was suppose to be a bigger role but like I said politics…But coming onto the show happened really organically, I was at the right place at the right time.

GTMS: So to stay on the acting note, I see that you’re starring in a new film, “Howard High,” produced by Chris Stokes. The film is co-starring Claudia Jordan and ex-B2K member J-Boog. Tell us about your role and what was that experience like?

Bozeman: So Marques Houston and all them are behind “Howard High.” I mean it’s an amazing cast and story line. I play a music teacher trying to show the kids the way. It’s a very positive film with a very musically driven. And Chris Stokes himself directed it and he was amazing to work with. I really like the fact that it’s LA Based because I’m a LA girl.

GTMS: When you think about musical scenes you know the Atlanta sound, you know the New York sound but there is something about LA that has been very ambiguous. What is the LA sound? Is Jhene Aiko a representation? What artist is the LA sound?

Bozeman: Oh baby you bout’ to find out! (Laughs). You’re really about to find out on this EP. I’m from South Central, I’m an east side baby. A lot of people see me on Empire and they see the ballads; I’m always going to give you a ballad because I’m a real singer you know. But they’re so many different sides and layers to me, I ain’t just a ballad queen. When it comes to that LA sounds, given you them isms and that rawness, this EP is going to have it.

GTMS: I’m so excited for the EP, I saw you’re about to release a single next week around Memorial Day entitled “GO.” What is that song about and what’s the vibe?

Bozeman: On the first single, “GO,” I’m giving you them LA-isms. It’s a really good female anthem. The premise is “if you don’t want to stay you can go.” It’s actually some of my story a little bit. I’m a professional woman and they’re so many other professional women that care relate this; sometimes the man in your life just can’t handle your shine. That is what the song is about.

GTMS: I know a lot of people are excited because we want to see who V Bozeman is the artist. You’ve worked with some heavyweights from Timbaland to Tyrese, so we know you have some magic coming our way.

Bozeman: I’m so ready for everyone to hear the EP!

GTMS: So a lot of people don’t know that you had a close relationship with the late Prince. I hate even saying late before his name. But there was just a tribute for him at the Billboard Music Awards done by Madonna; you know we have to wait for BET to get it right. Who would you want to see on that stage paying him homage?

Bozeman: Oh wow! I would like to hear Janelle Monae, maybe Miguel, or Jazmin Sullivan because she kills every time. I want to hear the young voices because he has influenced so many artist of today. He really liked the young artist coming up because he was a real musician.

GTMS: What jewel did Prince leave with in regards to your artistry?

Bozeman: Fight for who you are and what you believe in!

Interview by: Ian Jarrell