Tamar Braxton had a roller-coaster of a career to say the least.

Health problems, flopped albums, and the infamous firing from “The Real,” were all big blows to her ego. The gag is her stride never seemed to slow down and that smile never wavered. She was still really heavy on social media but a lot of us were questioning; where is the music honey?

Tamar Braxton may have garnered a lot of her fans from being the star of “The Braxton Family Values,” but she kept our interest with that amazing voice and dope second LP, Love & War. We all know Braxton is getting another talk show which is set to debut later this year but on the music front we got some good news.

Tamar Braxton has signed a new music deal with indie label eOne Music for near $1 million. Sources say “Tamar is talented and she feels like she should be compensated appropriately. She wanted a million. Her deal is in the high six figures.” Braxton has informed her fans that she will be releasing a new single soon and preparing for a new tour.


Now the question is, are people still checking for Tamar Braxton musically? We know she couldn’t promote her last album due to health issues but honestly the single choices left much to be desired. It’s always been a struggle with Braxton and her team to choose the right singles to reflect her albums.

The Calling All Lovers album actually had some cute records like “Broken Record” and “Circles” which both would have charted great on the R&B/Hip Hop charts. I’ve always been a fan of Tamar because she has always remained authentic to who she really is and gives no fu*ks what anyone thinks. You have to appreciate how she always keeps in 100% at all times. We are rooting for Braxton but is the music industry and consumers still on the train?

Check out some of our favorite Tamar Braxton tracks that should have been singles below.